Behind the World Cup, there is still fashion

With everybody talking about the Football World Cup, and the starting of the men catwalks, this last days have been full of novelties, but here I go (again) with the highlights:

We have been able to see the final show of ArtEz, a place where the imagination and the new ideas are the main rules. Besides, there have been 24 graduated, here there is the list of the 5 big talents: Vera Roggli, Karin Vlug, Wieke Sinnige, Chris Wienk, and Joyce Seggelen, good luck in this fierce and competitive world. To see their job:

If we talk about launchings, Tiffany´s has opened its last shop at the Champs Elyseés. With such an impressive presentation, from now on all the ´parisiens´will be able to buy the most iconic engagement rings of these times. Also, at the city of lights, the Outcast Gallery has inaugurated its new space. Now we have a new space for the cultural meetings between artists. Bravo! on the other hand, J. Crew has launched a 24 hours pop- up shop at their Soho boutique. In this way they did not have to betray themselves doing a pre collection, but they have been on the spot light for a few hours.

For closing this post, I decided to share a funny video where finally one fashion market director decides to say that not everything is wearable and even less, fashion. Hope you enjoy!


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