Behind Cannes and the Crisis

Besides Cannes and its ´glamour´, these last days have had a few news in the fashion world.

One of the most interesting is that the crisis has finally reached to the family market with a descent of the sales around a 2%. All the brands are affected, but probably one of the most affected has been Abercrombie & Fitch where the sales have been reduced over a quarter during the last year. I wish good luck to all the maisons and I expect that I don´t have to announce any shutting down in the future.

Apart from that, and coming to the nice side of the world, Lanvin has launched an animated logo for celebrating 125 years of design. Congratulations! And for the next 125 years.

And I finish this week with the good new for the lnstagram lovers: Le Bon Marché is now on the social network. By the moment, the oldest department store in Paris have uploaded a few photos, but with the quality and elements shown, it promises to be one of the big accounts to be followed.For the lovers of the application, here goes the link: .

Now, I can only wish you a good week 🙂


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