V & C

Even this week has started with one day of delay, I must admit that the news are more than great for the fashion lovers.

The first is a bad one: the bankrupt of Mulberry. The british brand decided one year ago to change its target, and this decision has been dramartic. After the withdrawal of the maison designer two months ago, we must now wait to see what it is going to the next movement of its owners. I only can pray and expect that the future will be kind with them.

If we stay in the United Kingdom, there is an exhibition that we cannot miss: the Jean Paul Gautier world. It is situated in the Barbican and it is a walk trhough the history of the french designer. With more than 100 garments, this showing is one opportunity for the lovers of his style, and why not, for the big public who will be able to see the evolution of this unique artist.

Another curious novelty is the collaboration of Raf Simons with Kvadrat. It may sound a little bit crazy or nonsense, but both sides are more than happy with the results. I am sure than the furniture experts is going to enjoy their next walk to the shop waiting for enjoying these lovely pieces.

Moving to the editorial world, the next mont there is going to be an unexpected new magazine: Porter. It is made by the three gurus of the shopping online creators of Net-a- Porter and by the name of the review is going to be very practical and useful for the addicted women to buy on  this website. I can´t wait for May to arrive for going to the newsstand.

For closing this post, I have decided to share with you the Floria Sigismondi´s last video: “Knowing through nothing”. It is a sexy walk through the dreams, all the shadows and paranoids that all of us have. I hope you enjoy. Knowing trough nothing


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