Between less known Fashion Weeks and smart videos


As the title mentions, these days are having place the New Delhi, Kiev, and Reykjavik Fall/Winter Fashion Weeks, and the Sao Paulo Spring/Summer  FW. They are not as known as the big catwalks, but here you can see what is really happening in the more commercial and, can be, more colorful and, in some ways, innovative, fashion world. Maybe is not as glamourous and worldwide reported as Paris or New York, but every shown of art must be worth it of a little bit of attention.

Besides these events, the other good new is that Garance Doré has launched a stationary line in New York. With simple ideas and lines and with opened doors to anyone who wants to visit the space. So Newyorkers, you will be more than welcome!

This week I have decided to end up my post with such a practical and curious video: ´Fashion Speak´. In less than four minutes different models teach how to pronounce the more tricky names of the international couturiers and brands, beside showing an iconic piece of the designer. The perfect way to start a new week and a different month.

Hope you enjoy!


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