The week starts and the fashion news are, apparently, stopped by the moment. No more, red carpets, no Fashion Weeks… So now what?? It´s the moment to let the imagination fly and enjoy the originality and “savoir faire” of the creatives and publicists.

The two first proposals are linked to the surrealist world:

´Emprise´presented by Louis Vuitton is a chain of images, frames and scenes while they show us the imaginary and the last jewellry and watch colection. It´s short and intense. Just perfect.

An original tibute to “Alice in Wonderland”, is the short film made by Wendy McColm named “Rendez- vous & Other Sories”. On this video, the woman protagonist suffer a personality disorder because she is not sure about what clothes she should wear. Such an original way to show the differents women that all of us have inside.

Armani has created its own ode to the voyage and the book trhough a lovely hommage trip in the city of Rome. In this video we can observe different locations on the “eternal city” guided by a male voice. On this journey we can observe a number of people that lead us to the calm and reflection. A good piece to rest in peace.

Like final clasp, “The mechanics of Hermès time”. It is a lovely, well cared piece of art where we can see how the most iconic watches are created. It´s the perfect end for the first day of the week.

Take care until the next post.



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