The spring is here!

In first place, my apologies for not posting anything last week. It was such a difficult busy time and it was completely impossible to write on the blog. Sorry for that.

Now we are still feeling the hangover of the Fashion Weeks, but we are already in the spring and the new projects are appearing and very interesting events are taking place.

In the last weeks we have been viewers of the last project of Hedi Slimane for the Saint Laurent house: a music project. To the photographies of rock stars made by the couturier, now we have to add a videoclip for Curtis Harding very sexual and quite interesting. Now we should wait to see what´s next. Until then, I let you one link to the video (I hope you enjoy it):

If we make a reference to the fashion show world, there is an innovative work that we must mention: the flying catwalk. This is a collaboration between Fendi and Google, and in my opinion, it is a new step in the vision of the live fashion.

Meanwhile, the main event in London this week is going to be the opening of the exhibition of Paul Smith in the London Design Museum. It is claiming to be one of the funniest to be one of the most entertaining events of the season, but for confirming it we all should go to see it.

And the lst event that I am going to mention is going to be ASVOFF, that for first time took place in New York. In this edition the assistants have seen the best of previous editions and also have enjoyed what is new in the Fashion Videos world. I am still waiting for the winners of the official competition, so as soon as I know them I will let you know.

Until that moment, try to enjoy the week and this lovely weather.


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