And (more) than one month after…. The Fashion Weeks are over

It seems like yesterday when the NY catwalk started. But it was actually yesterday when Paris, the last fashion call arrived to its end. Maybe because it is designed for the cold or for the worldwide situation, but I think that we have witnessed one of the most plane and “boring” fashion season in years.

The resume of what we have seen this 2 and a half days:

(Hermes and Miu Miu)

such an amazing lines in Hermes.

the always classy, elegant and sober Valentino.

the Vuitton amazing fabrics.

the funny and short Miu Miu.

and one of my weaknesses: McQueen. Always superb.

Personal reflection: I know thar Karl Lagerfeld is a genius and that he is one of the big bosses and with an undeniable reputation. But… Situate the high fashion only affordable for the rich people into a place that they never go, at least for me is going too far. I guess that for “experts” it´s the best thing they have seen in a long time.


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