fashion & celebrities

In a lot of campaigns and first pages of the fashion magazines we are getting used to see personalities with an international echo like singers and actors.
But, why do they appear in these advertisements instead of models? Both of them show the ellements of the brand, but which is the trigger for choosing one or another?

Cara for La PerlaKidman & Chanel nº5

Cara for La Perla & Nicole for Chanel nº5.

As the images above, these days I observe the trend of using models for the season campaigns and actors for the perfumes. Both of them show the essence of the brand. So we can say that the brands use the people of the 7th art for the parts which report them most part of the money (and sometimes save them from bankruptcy).

The conclusion is that the real professionals ared used for the base (hard) work and the performers are there to show to to the mass public as much as possible of the maisons  in the movies and the red carpets all around the world. Thereby the prestige is saved and the continuity of the mark covered.



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