The Sense of Fashion Weeks

Now that the Fashion Weeks for the Fall/ Winter 2014 season have already started, we should do the question about if all the runways that are in the international agenda have sense, and if they do, if they are really well considered in the panorama.

We all know the big ones (Paris, New York, Milano and London). But what about the “small” ones? Do they have a ´leitmotif´ for being on scene? It may be for the assistants, the target, the deals wich are closed on that days, the echo, the advertisements, the press, the celebrities who attend the shows, the market requests, and more essential elements that become a Fashion Week in a success.
If all this facts are NOT clear, or the organizing committee don´t know how to deal with all of them,  they must stop, take a breath, and suspend (at least for one season), and think about the basis and the essential elements that should become a Fashion Week in an unavoidable event of the year.

If the organization has never stopped to think about it, any event of this characteristics is officially condemned to its exiction.


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