The men are here!

The men´s catwalk has already started, but there are much more interesting news behind the masculine fashion.

Salvatore Ferragamo has inaugurated an exhibition of his masterpieces in Florence. Accompanied by paintings of Degas, Picasso and other modern artists. This display promises to be an incredible experience for the fashion and art lovers as well. So if you are planning to pass by the italian city, please, do not lose this unique opportunity.

Another interesting annoucement has been the relaunch of the Carven website. Full of flowers and colours, this page is a renovated vision for the lovers of the brand. If you want to investigate a little bit, go to and I promise that you won´t be dissapointed.

To close this post I share with you the video of the week. Vanity Fair has decided to help men with the bow ties with a funny  serie of instructions of how to tie it up. If you have a wedding or an event, look at

Have a good week!


Behind the World Cup, there is still fashion

With everybody talking about the Football World Cup, and the starting of the men catwalks, this last days have been full of novelties, but here I go (again) with the highlights:

We have been able to see the final show of ArtEz, a place where the imagination and the new ideas are the main rules. Besides, there have been 24 graduated, here there is the list of the 5 big talents: Vera Roggli, Karin Vlug, Wieke Sinnige, Chris Wienk, and Joyce Seggelen, good luck in this fierce and competitive world. To see their job:

If we talk about launchings, Tiffany´s has opened its last shop at the Champs Elyseés. With such an impressive presentation, from now on all the ´parisiens´will be able to buy the most iconic engagement rings of these times. Also, at the city of lights, the Outcast Gallery has inaugurated its new space. Now we have a new space for the cultural meetings between artists. Bravo! on the other hand, J. Crew has launched a 24 hours pop- up shop at their Soho boutique. In this way they did not have to betray themselves doing a pre collection, but they have been on the spot light for a few hours.

For closing this post, I decided to share a funny video where finally one fashion market director decides to say that not everything is wearable and even less, fashion. Hope you enjoy!

From the history to the novelties

I have the honour of starting the week with such an interesting and lovely new: the interview to Suzy Menkes. It is an unique opportunity for knowing better to one of the indispensable fashion critics, besides of reading the evolution of this art from the hand of one person that is part of this history herself. If you have the time, here there is the link to this luxury:

Apart from this, we have two interesting videos: the next chapter of the Vuitton travel books, this time in Venice by the hand of Jîro Taniguchi ( and the free interpretation of the Komakino collection ( ). Clips that it is better not to lose their view.

And for closing this post, we know the winner of the BFC/GQ: Christopher Shannon. The acceptance speech has been quite emotional, and after being looking his collections, I must admit that I cannot wait to see more from him.

Until that moment, I wish you a happy week.

New lines, Videos and Prizes

This week has been full of good news, and I am more than happy to resume them all a little bit on my particular way.

Talking about designers and lines, Giambattista Valli has announced the launch oh his second line, Giamba. In words of the creator, he wants to show another part of his personality and we will be able to watch it at the Milan Fashion Week. The other great new is that Altuzarra has teamed up with Target for launching a capsule collection. These models will be on the stores in September. Can´t wait for the summer to pass!

In second instance, we already have a winner for the LMVH Prize. Congratulations to the canadian Thomas Tait and his interesting job.

For finishing, in the videos panorama, Dior has shown the third part at Le Chateau de Versailles and Hermes have recorded with blondes nymphs and Indie music. But the two most interesting clips doesn´t have to be with fashion itself. The first talks about the travel to Vietnam of Lorenzo Mattoti. He traveled there for the first time for doing the illustrations of the Louis Vuitton travel books, and for the images that I could see I must say that they are incredibly beautiful. The other video talks about the creativity, its definition and where does it come from. A good way to start this Monday:

Behind Cannes and the Crisis

Besides Cannes and its ´glamour´, these last days have had a few news in the fashion world.

One of the most interesting is that the crisis has finally reached to the family market with a descent of the sales around a 2%. All the brands are affected, but probably one of the most affected has been Abercrombie & Fitch where the sales have been reduced over a quarter during the last year. I wish good luck to all the maisons and I expect that I don´t have to announce any shutting down in the future.

Apart from that, and coming to the nice side of the world, Lanvin has launched an animated logo for celebrating 125 years of design. Congratulations! And for the next 125 years.

And I finish this week with the good new for the lnstagram lovers: Le Bon Marché is now on the social network. By the moment, the oldest department store in Paris have uploaded a few photos, but with the quality and elements shown, it promises to be one of the big accounts to be followed.For the lovers of the application, here goes the link: .

Now, I can only wish you a good week 🙂

Inaugurations, videos and sad news

Behind the glamourous world at Cannes, the Fashion world follow its rhythm with new projects, videos and inaugurations. Here are the highlights:

The first good new is the exhibition of the first Pucci´s works. Organized by the Fondazione Ratti, all the lovers and followers of the designer have the opportunity of admiring what were the first inspirations and ideas of the iconic genius. A show that you cannot miss.

If we talk about videos, there are some interesting proposals. By Gucci, we can watch a crazy, non stop images of the S/S collection for men. The Schiaparelli house has made an interesting resume of Elsa´s life where we can contemplate all the hits that we must thank her, like the trompe l´ oeil. Besides, we have an interesting sensual video named “Dawn in Luxor”. On it we have the possiblity of seeing the imaginary of Kenzo exposed in four iconic minutes. The links for these two clips:

Continuing with the novelties, we have had two shop inaugurations. In Melrose Place, California ´ The Row´ has decided to open its first flagship store, and in Paris Carven has decided do the same. Good luck to both brands.

To close the post, a sad new: Louise Wilson, the brilliant professor who guided genius like McQueen and Chistopher Kane, has died. My condolences to the family and friends.

Balls, Glamour and work

Happy Monday!!

In the last seven days we have had some news that I must emphasize. These are:

The first, of course, is the MET Gala. This year the topic has been the designer Charles James (a celebrity for the americans, but a complete stranger for the europeans. In the red carpet we could see some women that made a real homage trough their dresses to the disappeared couturier, and others that broke the rules and were incredible as they are. But for having a better perspective, the best is to take a look to the Gala.

cara-delevigne_211559375349.jpg_gallery_max 1_184630209485.jpg_gallery_max

Cara Delevigne and Sarah Jessica Parker.

(For all the images, go to


With the hangover of the New Yorker show, all the fanatics of the Schiaparelli must advice that they have realised a brand new website. It is focused on the last Collection, the heritage and the current happenings. For all the interested, here goes the link:

Another novelty is the new edition of the collaboration between Bulgari and Save the Children. I wish you good luck. Let´s expect that you sell as much as possible for helping as many children as possible.

And the last good new is that Selfridges has been chosen like the Best Department Store in the world. My most sincere congratulation.

With this, until the next post 🙂

Collaborations and more collaborations


The first big new of the week is that Aitor Throup is joining G-Star as Creative consultant. The artist and designer  will help put to the brand with special projects and the objective is to continue with the innovation in the house. We have been able to see a small part of the collaboration, and I must admit that I want to see more.



G- Star S/S´14 Campaign.

Another big collaboration is the one made by Lancôme with Alexandre Vauthier, Yiqin Yin and Jacqemus. Their aim is to create a “sophisticated line for women to carry during the night”. It is a limited edition and promises to be one of the big objects of desire of this season.


And the couple who has occupied more pages in the press have been Lagerfeld and Kristen Stewart. The new image of Chanel has not been outside of the polemic because of her transgression and tense relation with the media, and in part a cause of these this campaign has been one of the more expected by all the fashion spectators. Now we can take a look and opine about the images:


I don´t know if the collection will be remembered, but at least all of us are going to talk about it for a while.

And now, we only can think about the MET Gala of Tomorrow. Let´s hope that will be incredible and entertaining.

A new week is starting, and with it, my new post arrives 🙂 The novelties in the fashion week of these last day are:

We already know who is going to be the guest as Pitti Imagine Uomo 86, and is ZZegna. This will take place on Florence in the month of June, and both parts are more than happy with this event. I cannot wait to see how this colaboration evolves.

Over the weekend we discovered the Hyères Award Winners of 2014. From Japan passing trogh Switzerland, the designerd and photographers choosen have made really interesting works. If you want to know everything about the festival:

And today I finish with the reinvention of the marinière from Petit Bateau made by Satu Maaranen (winner of the Grand Prix at Hières the previous year). Inspired by “toothpaste and candycanes”, this capsule collection is going to become an iconic unique piece at the blue and white stripes world. For more information:

With no more news to announce, I say goodbye until my next post.

V & C

Even this week has started with one day of delay, I must admit that the news are more than great for the fashion lovers.

The first is a bad one: the bankrupt of Mulberry. The british brand decided one year ago to change its target, and this decision has been dramartic. After the withdrawal of the maison designer two months ago, we must now wait to see what it is going to the next movement of its owners. I only can pray and expect that the future will be kind with them.

If we stay in the United Kingdom, there is an exhibition that we cannot miss: the Jean Paul Gautier world. It is situated in the Barbican and it is a walk trhough the history of the french designer. With more than 100 garments, this showing is one opportunity for the lovers of his style, and why not, for the big public who will be able to see the evolution of this unique artist.

Another curious novelty is the collaboration of Raf Simons with Kvadrat. It may sound a little bit crazy or nonsense, but both sides are more than happy with the results. I am sure than the furniture experts is going to enjoy their next walk to the shop waiting for enjoying these lovely pieces.

Moving to the editorial world, the next mont there is going to be an unexpected new magazine: Porter. It is made by the three gurus of the shopping online creators of Net-a- Porter and by the name of the review is going to be very practical and useful for the addicted women to buy on  this website. I can´t wait for May to arrive for going to the newsstand.

For closing this post, I have decided to share with you the Floria Sigismondi´s last video: “Knowing through nothing”. It is a sexy walk through the dreams, all the shadows and paranoids that all of us have. I hope you enjoy. Knowing trough nothing